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C h a p t e r   O n e

three-months-and-im-still-sober: Congrats on finishing! :)

Thank you!! 

— Anonymous: How are you going to celebrate????

Right now I am just really excited to get to catch up on reading all the non school books I have and learning this choreography I found for bang bang so I can kick my friends ass in a dance off we are having after graduation

nico-the-weirdo: what do you plan to do with your limited time of freedom?

— Anonymous: Do you plan on pursuing a job in your degree field?

Eventually, but first grad school and possibly the peace corps if I can. 

Now I am stressed! 

cicinicole-14: First off, congrats cris!

Thank you!

— Anonymous: How do you feel about being done with your last test?

nico-the-weirdo: what did you major in and how does it feel to be free?

Psychology and Philosophy

Pretty much me right now:

So I just finished the last paper and test of my undergrad college career and I am so hyped up!

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