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Endless Favorite Photos

— Anonymous: Do you have a video for that gif of Kelly kicking at Miranda in that make me choose thing? Thanks!

It is from the end of this video :)

Endless Favorite Photos

Can we all agree that everyone deserves a friend like Miranda Lambert?

Make me choose - anon asked: Kelly’s friendship with Miranda or Blake The Lamberts

Endless Favorite Photos

Upcoming Events


  • September 9th: Performing at the 8th annual ACM Honors at the Ryman in Nashville.
             Tickets are available to the public but this is not a televised event
  • September 15th: Prizefighter is set to impact radio
  • October 19th: Performing at the Microsoft grand opening event at the South Park Mall in Charlotte, North Carolina.

             ↳Meet and greets will be raffled off much like the Buffalo opening. No overnight

             camping required for this event. More information can be found here

  • October 25th: Performing at Shea’s Performing Arts Center in Buffalo. This is a rescheduled event.

             ↳Make sure to bring your wristbands from the Microsoft opening last November. If you

             lost yours please go to the will call desk and they can be replaced

Get to know: Kelly Clarkson


Y’all know the drill by now. All you folks near Charlotte, NC get ready :)

More info at

Who else is ready for the first concert of Mommy Clarkson where she does one of her rants in between songs about something adorable River did?

Endless Favorite Photos

Trisha Yearwood (Feat. Kelly Clarkson), ‘PrizeFighter’


listen :)


old picture