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I'm so looking forward to my thirties, you have no idea. Everyone's twenties are all about searching and finding yourself. Every year, I was different! My twenties were a rollercoaster ride, so I'm looking forward to smooth sailing in my thirties. My audience is growing up with me, and I think that's good. I don't know what my music will always sound like, but I know it will always change…

Kelly Brianne Clarkson | April 24, 1982.


Happy 32nd Birthday Kelly Clarkson! See Her Changing Looks
See the birthday girl’s transformation from Idol newbie to mom-to-be.

Happy 32nd Birthday Kelly Brianne Clarkson! (24/4/1982)


actually not okay

Happy 32nd Birthday Kelly!


I’m chuckling but at the same time these are so adorable

— Anonymous: What is the song that Kelly prefers on her album Thankful ? I know for all her others albums but not that one...

Miss Indy? It is the only one she ever sings now?